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Facility Maintenance


Facility Maintenance

For any large organization, a comprehensive facilities maintenance program involves multiple needs, goals and cost concerns. Balancing todays emergencies with essential preventive facilities maintenance and long-term planning and facility management can drain internal resources and overwhelm inexperienced vendors.

A better solution? A single source for management of all your facilities maintenance needs. All Star Handyman leads the industry in this Las Vegas arena, offering high-quality facilities maintenance solutions at a cost-effective price. By leveraging our national purchasing power and service discipline expertise, you can maintain a consistent company image across all of your locations while keeping your time commitments to a minimum.

Whatever your brand image or the extent of your facility maintenance needs, All Star Handyman offers a program that fits your budget. For todays emergencies and tomorrow long-term growth, All Star Handyman will be with you to ensure your facilities operate smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Exterior Services

All Star Handyman has a comprehensive solution for every season. We'll work with you to create a program that invests in one of the most influential aspects of your business the first impression. From landscaping to roofing, from snow removal to parking lot sweeping, no job is too big or small. In fact, All Star Handyman even offers emergency response services to get your sites up and running, and looking great again.  Beyond looking good, safety issues are also a priority. All Star Handyman can help you keep your facilities' exteriors attractive and safe for both customers and employees.

Landscape Maintenance

Our horticultural expertise keeps your sites looking their best. Our lawn and garden professionals know the proper plants, shrubs and trees for every type of soil and climate, and the appropriate care needed to keep them vibrant and healthy.

We take care of landscaping design, green care and tree care. We also provide seasonal cleanups, mulching, bed planting, pruning, fertilization and herbicide application. The All Star Handyman  team makes your facilities an attractive and inviting place.

Irrigation Systems

Effective, efficient irrigation is critical to both maintaining healthy landscaping at your facilities and keeping your irrigation costs under control. From irrigation system installation to repair and maintenance, the professional staff at All Star Handyman works tirelessly to ensure that your landscaping receives the water it needs, where and when it needs it. Our understanding of the different water requirements of lawns, shrubs, trees, ground covers and annual flowers in regions throughout North America allows us to implement well-designed irrigation schedules that will keep your landscaping looking vibrant on a budget you can afford.

Lot Striping and Repair

The professionals at All Star Handyman install, stripe, repair and replace parking lots and drives to enhance your facilities' image. Replacing an existing parking lot or drive is expensive, so arranging for regular preventive maintenance of your surfaces with All Star Handyman is a must in order to preserve your investment. All Star Handyman is the parking lot expert in striping and repair. Our services also include special lettering and marking, and installation of recycled rubber and concrete speed bumps or car stops.

Pressure Washing

Sometimes it takes a little power to keep your site looking clean and welcoming. Our comprehensive pressure washing services can professionally and efficiently remove graffiti, gum and dirt from your sidewalks, paved areas, awnings and building exteriors. All Star Handyman uses state-of-the-art high pressure cleaning equipment, including water containment and recycling units in areas with drought problems. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your exterior services remain clean and welcoming.

Emergency Response

When natural disasters strike, All Star Handyman is there with the essential emergency response services that you need to get your affected locations up and running in the shortest time possible. From board-up services in advance of pending hurricanes to glass replacement, mitigation and cleanup services after all types of natural disasters, All Star Handyman is your partner for providing the timely and responsive service you expect from the industry leader. Should your location suffer more significant damage, the professionals at All Star Handyman also provide as a agent for your company in dealing with general contracting and project management services to ensure that your facilites are rebuilt to your exact specifications.

Integrated  Services

Providing partnership, expertise and performance.

Facilities management can be complicated and a drain on your internal resources. It can also diminish the focus of your organization to meet its goals. With experience, an unparalleled knowledge of facility maintenance, and the ability to structure a program focused on your strategic goals, All Star Handyman is a trusted integrated facilities maintenance and management partner. Outsourcing your facilities program gives you the time to develop and implement your organization's the core strategic initiatives, while the experts at All Star Handyman keep your facilities running smoothly and efficiently